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Around The World, Part 14: Floating the origin

In the previous post, we got to see our generated world at close range. This revealed some precision problems that I knew I’d need to deal with eventually, but had been putting off for a rainy day. Now I could ignore them no longer.

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Around The World, Part 13: Zooming in

As mentioned in the previous post, the player will never see our procedurally generated world all at a glance. They’ll be much closer to it, and seeing only a small part at any given time. Let’s see how we can go from coarse, global world maps to something that will actually look good at close range!

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Around The World, Part 12: 2D or not 2D

So far, I’ve been talking about generating a world at a very large scale for the game. But the aim of the game is exploration, so the player will rarely, if ever, get to see the entire planet at once. Which raises the question: what will the player see?

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