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Blokjes: The beginning

Here’s a thing I’ve been working on since January: Blokjes! Sorry, your browser does not support embedded videos. In case you can’t tell from the video, the idea is very simple: you get a sequence of blocks (polyominoes) that you have to place on the board. Each of them has... Continue reading

Mixium postmortem

Mixium is a puzzle game in which you mix liquids to achieve a particular ratio. The trouble is: your beakers don’t have any scale on them, so you can only fill them to the brim or empty them into a larger beaker. Mixium was my entry for the 1st Alakajam!... Continue reading

Writing a test DSL in Kotlin

As I previously wrote, I recently fell in love with the Kotlin language. It’s been over four months since that post, and my enthusiasm has not diminished. In this post, I’ll show how I combined some of Kotlin’s best features to write some extremely readable unit tests. The thing we’ll... Continue reading

frozenfractal.com now available over HTTPS

As of just now, https://frozenfractal.com is a thing. This means you can browse my site securely, knowing that the NSA can probably not see which pages you are viewing. Sort of. But in fact, everything on this site is public. Why use HTTPS to encrypt the connection at all? A... Continue reading

Texture compression on mobile demystified

If you’re developing a game for mobile devices, chances are you have run into the words “texture compression”. Texture compression helps to keep video memory usage down, reduce download sizes and loading times, and may even reduce power consumption. In this article, I take a comprehensive look at what the... Continue reading

10 cool things about Kotlin

Kotlin is a programming language developed by JetBrains (the makers of IntelliJ IDEA), which compiles down to Java bytecode. I got over my initial aversion for the ugly name, and decided to give it a try. Now I never want to go back to Java. Here’s why. 1. Full Java... Continue reading

The new new frozenfractal.com

I didn’t plan it this way, but it seems to be becoming a tradition: redesigning this website around the new year. Last time, we went from this… … to this: Why couldn’t I leave well enough alone, and had to redesign it to look like this instead? Why a redesign?... Continue reading

Twistago at Spielwies'n

This weekend, November 5th and 6th (and actually yesterday as well), Twistago has a stand at one of Germany’s largest board game fairs, Spielwies’n, in the MOC in München. Come visit us if you’re in the area! Continue reading

Choosing an HTML5 2D engine

Because Dragon Attack’s performance on Crafty.js was disappointing, and the libGDX port also had problems running smoothly when compiled to JavaScript (plus some unfortunate technical decisions I made along the way), I’ve decided to go for a third rewrite, using better tech. (“Rewrite” sounds worse than it really is –... Continue reading

Leonardo's Painting Machine

This… is Leonardo’s Painting Machine! It’s my entry for the Ludum Dare 36 compo, a game jam where you make a game in 48 hours, this time to the theme of ‘Ancient Technology’. The Painting Machine is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s lesser known inventions. In fact, before this game... Continue reading

A little puzzle experiment

Here’s a thing I’m working on: The aim is simply to classify each square on the grid as either land or water. Your clues consist of the following: A list of all islands in the grid. Islands are four-connected: two squares that touch only on their corners do not connect.... Continue reading

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