No updates last weekend, because I’ve been busy with the Rails Rumble: an annual contest to build a Ruby on Rails web application in 48 hours. Three friends and I built ChordWise, an online ear training and score reading practice application for musicians. Although there are some bugs to be ironed out (sound doesn’t work in Chrome, probably nothing works in IE), I’m very satisfied with the what we’ve accomplished in just two days. It’s a promising start, and we might continue to develop this into a full-fledged product and try to make some money out of it, if there turns out to be enough demand for something like this.

We put up a webcam in the corner of the room, so another day was spent creating a timelapse video that shows us throughout the weekend. A live screenshot of the website as it looked at each point in time is shown along with the footage; this was created afterwards, based on the revision history. The video also has catchy chiptune music, a beautiful sunrise, and rhinos – check it out below:

There will be no updates for this week and the one after, because I’m going on vacation. After that, I’ll dive back into gamedevving!