Website has been launched!

Well then, since last Monday, the Frozen Fractal website is unofficially up. And since today, it’s official, because now there’s a blog post announcing it!

You may wonder why there is already so much content here. Since I started Frozen Fractal, I’ve been keeping progress in a series of blog posts. Until today, those posts were only on my hard drive, but now they are out there for the whole world to see. So if you’re curious how things happened, peek around in the archives. There’s stuff about game design, fluid dynamics and code optimization. There are downloads and videos. And there are rhinos.

The site runs on my own content management system, dubbed Utterson. It’s different from other CMSs, because it communicates with a Git repository. When I want to write a new blog post, I simply create a Markdown file, commit it, push it to the server, and Utterson will pick it up automatically. Conversely, if someone comments on a blog post, that comment ends up in the same Git repository, and I can get all comments (e.g. for moderation) by pulling from that. Nifty, eh? I will probably talk more about Utterson later, and release it as open source (BSD-licensed) when it’s good enough.

The last few days were spent setting up the server, installing the necessary software, brushing up the layout, and writing blog posts about the last few weeks. There’s going to be no more of that: from now on, a new post will be published each Wednesday and Sunday, so I’d better make sure I have some progress to report then!