I more or less finished one of the first powerups that you’ll encounter in the game: the toaster. When you pick it up, it appears in the item box at the top right. You can then tap a point on the screen, and your cart will fire two rapidly spinning slices of crispy brown toast in that direction. If a slice hits an opponent, they’ll drop $1 worth of items (currently, one orange). But if both slices hit the same opponent, the second one will do triple damage, for a total of $4. Therefore, good aim and timing are beneficial (though not essential).

The video below also shows some more improvements that I discussed, but haven’t demonstrated yet. There’s a nice countdown at the start. Pausing the game darkens the screen and shows the text “Game paused” (you see a glimpse of this at the end of the video, which is of course not supposed to happen). Opponents are labelled with the amount of cash they carry, and small blue arrows indicate where the opponents are. When you’re almost out of fuel, a warning appears and points you towards the checkout lanes. At the end of the game, another message appears on the screen.

I noticed that aiming is too hard with the current camera. It needs to be zoomed out more. Also, the level design is still too cramped, making it difficult to get around.

I should remind you that most graphics are placeholders. For example, the tin cans look way too cluttered, whereas your own shopping cart is nearly transparent. The toast, however, looks pretty nice.