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Around The World, Part 11: Everything is harder on a sphere

I didn’t have time during the holidays to implement any new features, so enjoy this filler post that I prepared earlier! In the very first post in this series, I wrote:

The prototype took place on a rectangular map, with the left side wrapping around to the right to form a cylinder. […] Many games do this and get away with it, but because I’m a perfectionist, I want my game to take place on an actual sphere.

Today I’m going to write up in some detail why spheres are harder to work with.

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Around The World, Part 1: Continents

There’s this game concept that has been on my mind for years, and I can’t seem to let it go. You step into the wet, salt-crusted shoes of the naval explorers of old: Columbus, Da Gama, Magellan, Cook. Most of the world is still a big unknown question mark: here be dragons. There are no satellites, no GPS, not even maps. The only way to find out what’s out there is to actually go there – which is a risky venture. Your navigational tools: a compass, the sun, moon and stars, and any information you might learn from the locals along the way. Your goal: to find a route around the world and end up where you started.

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