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A week of dragon stuff

With Mystery Game No. 1 in private beta, while I’m waiting for feedback, I’ve had all week to dedicate to Dragon Attack. A lot remains to be done, especially in the tweaking and balancing department, but there has been a lot of progress. Treasure I added something I’d been thinking... Continue reading

Flight of the dragon

Yesterday I worked on the control scheme for Dragon Attack. In its original version, Glauron, the mechanics are very simple: Horizontal speed is constant. Vertical speed is affected by gravity as usual. When you tap, a fixed amount of speed is added to the vertical speed over the next half... Continue reading

Beyond Ludum Dare

As I’d hoped, my 48-hour game Glauron did pretty well in the latest Ludum Dare game development competition: it ranked #58 overall, and made the top-100 in the graphics and fun categories as well. That’s very nice and flattering, but I think there is more potential here. In fact, I... Continue reading

Glauron post-mortem

(Cross-posted to the Ludum Dare blog.) This is Glauron, my Compo entry for Ludum Dare 33, themed You Are The Monster: This was my eighth time participating in Ludum Dare, and I feel it’s my best yet. I’m very happy with what I got done, and there was even time... Continue reading