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A little puzzle experiment

Here’s a thing I’m working on:

Screenshot of WIP islands game

The aim is simply to classify each square on the grid as either land or water. Your clues consist of the following:

  • A list of all islands in the grid. Islands are four-connected: two squares that touch only on their corners do not connect.
  • A set of …

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More farming fun

It’s Fun Time Friday again! And a good thing too, because I’ve been busy with Mystery Game No. 1 all week, which I can’t blog about yet. So apart from the welcome break, the Friday farming prototype also gives me something to write about.

I’ll be using this post as an …

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Farming Friday

While Mystery Game No. 1 is making nice progress, in the spirit of “throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks”, I’ve decided to introduce what I call “Fun Time Fridays”. On Friday, assuming the rest of the week has gone according to plan, I get to work on whatever I …

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New application: Crossword Finder

Once upon a time, over a decade ago, I wrote a simple program in C++Builder to help my father solve crossword puzzles and cryptograms. It would let you type a word with blanks such as and it would tell you which words would fit.

When my father asked whether I still had the program, to …

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No updates last weekend, because I’ve been busy with the Rails Rumble: an annual contest to build a Ruby on Rails web application in 48 hours. Three friends and I built ChordWise, an online ear training and score reading practice application for musicians. Although there are some bugs to be …

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A little experiment

My mind is always full of ideas that I’ll never have time for. But occasionally, one of them does get executed. This is one of those times.

The basic premise is: racing with shopping carts. It’s the controls that make it different. Like a real shopping cart, you push/pull with two hands. …

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