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Goals progress

At the beginning of this year, I posted a set of goals for the first half of the year. The idea was that a public commitment would help me stick to them. With that period behind us, it’s time to see how I did. Ranked on a scale of 0... Continue reading

Progress on goals

At the start of this year, I set myself some goals for the first half of 2016. Today marks the half-way point of that period, so it’s a good time to check on how I’m doing on each of them. I’ll grade each goal on a scale of 0 to... Continue reading

Getting things done as an indie

As an indie game developer, I’m wearing a lot of hats. At one moment, I play the role of developer, happily banging out code. The next moment, I can be posting about my game on forums, or doing artwork, or communicating with my client/partner/designer. How do I stay on top... Continue reading

Goals for 2016H1

Happy new year, dear readers! This post has nothing to do with new year’s resolutions; it just happens to coincide. Studies have shown that setting and announcing explicit goals helps drive success. And who would I be to argue with science? So here’s what I’m planning to do in the... Continue reading

Turtle Paint

No, the Frozen Fractal blog is not dead. It’s just been, well, frozen. A lot happened since the last post: I got a job at Google, moved to London, and made a little game for Ludum Dare that I’ll post about later. But a lot also didn’t happen: I didn’t... Continue reading

Feature cuts

Back to work after a much-needed break, I have gained a better perspective on the current state of the game. I concluded that, if I am to finish this game on time, I’ll have to reduce it in scope significantly. The following are the changes that I made to the... Continue reading

Change of direction

I’ve decided to change course. Drastically. The fluid engine works nicely, and although it’s fun to play with, it’s not exactly a game just yet. I had this idea, which I alluded to in my previous post, of making it into a creative construction game. You’d be a beaver, and... Continue reading

The beginning

Today, I’m really getting started. I quit my job last Friday so that I can work on this project full-time. I have some financial reserves to keep me alive during the period of development. Development of what? That is still largely an open question. I know it will be a... Continue reading