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Bye-bye Disqus

For several years now, the comments on this blog have been powered by the third-party service Disqus. Last Saturday, I received an e-mail from them:

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The new

I realized a long time ago that my website was looking a little dated. A dark theme, drab colours and not exactly mobile-friendly. So when I started fulltime in December, one of the first things I did was a major styling overhaul.

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Welcome to Jekyll!

Hopefully you didn’t notice, but as of now, is generated by Jekyll, the static blog generator. Since its inception in 2010, the site had been running on my own custom-written engine, Utterson.

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Improvements to blog comments

There was a permission problem that sometimes caused comments to be refused with a 500 Internal Server Error. This has now (hopefully) been resolved. I also added clickable links to the Atom feed for the blog, because some browsers (Chrome, and Firefox 4 beta, but strangely not Firefox 3) do not show the feed icon in the address bar.

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