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Twistago at Spielwies'n

This weekend, November 5th and 6th (and actually yesterday as well), Twistago has a stand at one of Germany’s largest board game fairs, Spielwies’n, in the MOC in München. Come visit us if you’re in the area! Continue reading

Twistago has launched!

As I alluded to in a previous post, Mystery Game No. 1 is no longer a mystery. It is called Twistago and it’s the best thing since… well… the second best thing! I actually pushed the button for global launch almost two weeks ago, but didn’t have time for a... Continue reading

Analytics, the wrong way and the right

Rocket Mail was the first game in which I’m tracking metrics, using Google Analytics. Adding Analytics support to your app is fairly straightforward, but using it well isn’t. I’ve learned a thing or two from Rocket Mail, so with Mystery Game No. 1, I’m taking a different approach, as documented... Continue reading

Rocket Mail launched!

Put your spatial insight and worldly knowledge to the test! Rocket Mail is a company that delivers packages to anywhere in the world – by rocket! Use your phone’s compass and accelerometer to launch your delivery rocket to cities throughout the world. The closer you get, the higher your score!... Continue reading


I recently did an interview with Robert of Tornadic Dev Studio from Melbourne, Australia. He noticed my recent announcement about starting as a fulltime indie developer, and got inspired: New Years Resolutions are a joke because I believe each day is an opportunity to make a resolution, change something, act... Continue reading

Going fulltime indie (again)!

After thinking this through over and over and over again, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge, quit my day job and become a fulltime indie game developer! Some of you may know that I have done this before. And that it was not very successful, ending in my running... Continue reading

Bigcanvas is released!

After a weekend of toil with GRPC, ProGuard, dex, Netty, Maven, Gradle and IntelliJ, I finally managed to build a release APK of the first public version of the Bigcanvas app. Add some screenshots (inspired by – well, hopefully you can tell), and we have a publication! I made the... Continue reading

Bigcanvas revived

Remember Bigcanvas? The infinite online canvas that anyone can draw on, which I launched in 2013? I didn’t do anything with it since, but the idea has always been at the back of my mind, biding its time. The most fun games for me are always those which give you... Continue reading

Patchy featuring: retrospective

It’s been two weeks since I announced that Patchy was to be featured in the Play Store. This happened roughly a week ago, and it looks like it was taken down around yesterday, so it’s time for a postmortem. There are different places where an app can be featured. In... Continue reading

Released: Patchy!

Yes indeed, Frozen Fractal’s first officially released game is there! It’s called Patchy, and it’s a retro arcade-style land-grabbing game for Android. This post is about its inception and also describes some bits of the technical implementation. Design Patchy is the spiritual successor to my one-weekend Ludum Dare entry Park... Continue reading

Website has been launched!

Well then, since last Monday, the Frozen Fractal website is unofficially up. And since today, it’s official, because now there’s a blog post announcing it! You may wonder why there is already so much content here. Since I started Frozen Fractal, I’ve been keeping progress in a series of blog... Continue reading

The beginning

Today, I’m really getting started. I quit my job last Friday so that I can work on this project full-time. I have some financial reserves to keep me alive during the period of development. Development of what? That is still largely an open question. I know it will be a... Continue reading